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Why Use Big Word When Small Word Work Good?


We’re a new startup accelerator based in America, with a focus on web automation technology and outsourcing. We are like, brand new, though. Surprise Capital started in 2019, and there’s already a surprising amount of momentum. We have 3 founders, who all have different skill-sets. We have the CEO who was a project manager at Microsoft before leaving to start Suprise Capital, the CTO who is a coding and finance prodigy, and the COO who is responsible for keeping this engine running and pushing this thing with all of his heart.

The headquarters of Surprise Capital is based in Bellevue, Washington, USA. Most of our workforce is remote, so we’re internationally spread around the globe. We believe, much like Bill Gates, that talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not.

We are currently accepting additional investment from qualified investors, though we tend to be shrewd negotiators because we know what we’re worth. We’ve said no to some big deals already because we accept nothing less than the best.