Start Up Faster

Want to be involved with the coolest Startup Accelerator to ever exist?

Here’s what we offer to qualified ventures: Funding, Marketing, Operations, Scheming, Execution, Consultation, Fundraising, Feedback, and more! Our standard tactic is to basically run your company for you, to great effect.

Here’s how Venture Capitalism works: You have an adventure, and worry about the capital later! YOLO!

Here’s the information we need: Company Name, Business Plan, Executive Summary, Market Research, List Of Everyone Involved, List Of Founders, Founder’s Resumes, Founder’s Countries and Locations, Company Age, Estimated Time To Market, Estimated Return On Investment, Size of Investment to Start, Size of Investment to Scale, Market Validation, Design Research, and whatever else may be relevant.

For the best chances: Send an email to with as much of this information as you can gather, starting your subject line with “INVEST”. We realize collecting and compiling all this information can be intimidating, which is why you can reach our COO, Matt Jackson, on Skype by adding matt_23964 or using this link to send a message. Please send as much information as possible. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a response immediately. Please don’t use this link to ask for work, use our Careers page instead. Out of all the founders of Suprise Capital, Matt is the one who is most open to new ideas and taking on new ventures. Matt has a 1/3 vote in the direction of Suprise Capital, so if you convince him you’re worth our time and money, then you only have to convince one other founder. The system works!

As per company policy: We do not sign NDA’s for most companies unless you’re something truly special. We know we’re special, but your job is to persuade us that you are in fact special. Try your best. Remember that you only get one first impression.