Our Mission Is Critical

We’re not going to pretend we’re completely unified in our vision because we believe in the power of the individual. Below are the philosophies of the 3 founders of Surprise Capital, and a more general company-wide mission.


Alex Jackson’s Mission

“Automation, Globalization, and Innovation applied to Monetization. In order to help others, you must first help yourself. Surprise Capital is everyone helping everyone else, through the medium of currency and results.”


Matt Jackson’s Mission

“The sacred mission of Surprise Capital is to make this one true reality that we inhabit into the best version possible out of every single infinitely-fractal theoretical reality. To accomplish this goal, Matt has invested a ridiculous amount of company resources into the study of how human consciousness¬†interacts with reality distortion fields, much to the annoyance of Alex and Alex.

Sure, we have world domination plans that we’re surprisingly far along on the execution of, but our real ambition is to maximize the happiness of humanity, forever.”

Alex McInteer’s Mission

“The mission of Surprise Capital is to capture a majority of the global markets, in the majority of market categories, through superior technology.”


Company-Wide Mission

“Help people help others, through the magic of startups.”



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