This list will contain a select few of the Surprise links we have to share.

r/Slavelabour, a subreddit, is one of the most unique freelancing marketplaces on the web. We find it rather shocking because if you message enough people you will find literally the best deals for workers on the internet. Some of the offerings are very unique, as in we’ve never seen them offered on the internet before. Radical!

24 Task, it just might be the cheapest virtual assistant firm we’ve ever come across. We’re not endorsing it though, because we’re going to make a virtual assistant firm that’s far cheaper as one of our ventures.

The Effective Executive, by Peter F. Drucker, it is one of the finest books on management ever written.

The Boss, from the album Entrepreneur, by¬†Matt Giovanisci, is an absolutely fire track that’s highly optimized for pumping up startup founders.


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