“None of us is as smart as all of us.”


Alexander Jackson

Alexander Jackson

Chief Executive Officer

Formerly a project manager at Microsoft, Alexander has special skills in managing extremely complex projects. He also has invested the capital needed to run everything, which is very important.

Email him at AlexJ@SurpriseCapital.com

Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson

Chief Operating Officer

The creative one, Matthew is an expert at outsourcing, corporate design strategy, coming up with innovations not yet deployed in this timeline, and generally pushing forward on Suprise Capital’s goals with wild abandon.

Email him at Matt@SurpriseCapital.com


Alex McInteer

Alex McInteer

Chief Technology Officer

A technology wizard, Alex has a long track record in ventures involving automation, machine learning, outsourcing, and more. He’s smarter than 99.9% of humans.

Email him at AlexM@SurpriseCapital.com



High-Skill People


Don’t be sad if you’re not on this list yet. It just means you have to try harder. You can do it!

Silver Irukwu, a scientist working for LabGrabs

Jessica Leung, a management consultant and deal scout for Surprise Capital

Ahmed Rady, an operations and financial consultant for Surprise Capital

Joseph Walker, a logistics leader for LabGrab’s Houston, TX location  





We’re working on this list, some of our partners prefer to remain unnamed.  



Basic Workers

In the future, there will be a searchable database here, with options for hiring a worker directly through us. It’s actually much cooler than it sounds. Some of our workers, in no particular order: Ahsan Arif, Precious Ramirez, John Smith, Srikant Pandey, Dzoni, and more!